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About us

Our products all come from sustainable production and are made from natural materials. We aim to make handcrafted, high quality products from purely natural materials using wood and leather (silver is also used). To finish the surfaces, we only use natural oil.

About the most important material we are working with - Wood


Amaranth or purpleheart is a purple-red hard deciduous wood from northeastern South America.

Visually, amaranth wood has a strikingly rich and colorful appearance, which makes it perfect for use in making jewelry. 


Palisander ("rosewood") is a warm brown colored exotic wood from South America.

Fantastic exotic wood with bright and dark brown grains which gives a luxury look of your piece of jewellery.


Eben or Makassar is a very special kind of wood from Africa ( and also form Asia).

The king in the exotic woods with his complete black surface. Only less wood is so beautiful dark and homogen as this type of wood. 


Olive is a beautiful brown and yellow colored wood,

 originally found around the eastern coast of Mediterranean.

Who does not know this beautiful wood with his unique color games and grains in yellow/brown and black ?If you are looking for a simple but very special surface then choose a jewellery in olive wood. 

General Instructions and Cleaning the jewerly

Suggestions & How to clean wooden jewerly

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